Sign the Petition: Urge Mayor Garcetti and the City Council to Launch a Public Inquiry into all Wall St. Dealings with the City of L.A.


Add your name to the voices demanding an investigation of these corporate rip-offs to recover millions to protect good jobs and restore services to our communities.   

When Wall Street crashed the economy it took down L.A. in the process. They made us suffer then – and they are still making us pay a price. Since the foreclosure crisis, L.A. taxpayers have spent $1 billion in city services, tending to tens of thousands of neglected, bank-owned properties that blight our communities. Imagine the schools and parks and libraries for our children if we had we invested that amount in our neighborhoods since 2008? And just last year, Wall Street banks charged the city $300 million in fees alone — that’s over double what L.A. spends on filling street potholes! That’s why community groups, taxpayers, city workers and clergy are coming together to tell our elected leaders to stand up to Wall Street and recover the resources we need for middle-class public sector jobs and to restore vital neighborhood services.



We, the undersigned workers, taxpayers and residents, demand that Mayor Garcetti and the City Council launch a public inquiry into all Wall Street dealings with the City of L.A. Let’s recover millions to protect good jobs and restore the services that L.A. communities need!


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Si se puede
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Sign the petition to #FixLA not fund Wall Street:
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Sign the petition to #FixLA not fund Wall Street:
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My alley has become the official neighborhood dumping ground. Also, my street needs repaving. Almost every street in my neighborhood, except mine was repaved a year ago.
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Sign the petition to #FixLA not fund Wall Street:
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Austerity just like Greece and Iceland
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Start collecting your money city of la
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Wall Street should be paying LA for the devastation that they have caused home owners and community members in general. Put a moratorium on payments to the banks and other financial institutions. Start putting people’s needs first. As a retiree I know that there are tens of thousands of retirees living on the edge- or on the street. Families have lost homes. Communities have no money for services because corporations never pay the taxes they should. Let’s organize and make them do the right thing
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